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The 12th “Partage ta science” symposium took place at CERN

Seven students from secondary schools in the Pays de Gex and Geneva presented their final-year work at a scientific symposium organised by young people, for young people.

Monday, 16 October 2023


Life at CERN
The "Partage ta science” cross-border symposium, on Friday, 13 October 2023 at CERN's Globe of Science and Innovation. (Image: CERN)

On Friday, 13 October 2023, CERN welcomed students from secondary schools in Switzerland and France to the cross-border “Partage ta science” event, held at the Globe of Science and Innovation. The event, held at CERN for the 12th year in a row, drew a full house!

Following the style of a scientific symposium, the evening saw seven secondary students from the region present their final-year work. The French students each gave five-minute presentations for their Grand Oral (GO), while the Swiss students had fifteen minutes each to deliver their Travail de maturité (TM), Travail pratique individuel (TPI) or Travail personnel d’approfondissement (TPA). 

As in previous years, the presentations covered a wide range of subjects, from mathematics to the laws of physics and their limits, from the link between an ambulance and an exoplanet to mechatronics. The hot topic of artificial intelligence was also discussed.

Cartoonist Barrigue, creator of the magazine Vigousse and founder of the association CrayonSolidaires, dessiner pour tous, hosted the evening. He gave quirky and occasionally provocative live reactions to the presentations.

You can find videos of the presentations and photos of the evening on the event website.