SPARKS! Serendipity forum at CERN

In 2021 CERN will launch an annual two-day multidisciplinary science innovation forum and public event.


Sparks!, the serendipity forum at CERN, will bring together renowned scientists from diverse fields around the world, along with decision makers, representatives of industry, philanthropists, ethicists and the public to bring a novel, multi-faceted approach to addressing some of the big questions of our time.

The theme of the first edition of Sparks is Future Intelligence. Together, the invited participants, from a diverse background beyond AI such as neuroscience, psychology, philosophy and ethics, and CERN scientists will exchange visions on the development of the field, and set tangible directions for a future course. The forum discussions will form and inform a public event.

2020 - Sparks! Launch - Sparks! was launched on 26 November 2020. Watch the virtual lauch. Participate in the discussions and help drafting the narrative of the 2021 event 

2021 - First edition

2 days
Next edition
17-18 September 2021

Online and at CERN

Registration procedure
  • Forum: by invitation-only
  • Public event: tickets will be available in Summer 2021
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