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Point 5 of the LHC, in Cessy, is home to the CMS detector, which weighs in at 12 500 tonnes (twice the weight of the Eiffel Tower). CMS is a general-purpose experiment designed to shed light on many of the mysteries of the universe and matter. Along with the ATLAS experiment, CMS discovered the famous Higgs boson in 2012. On either side of the CMS detector, inside the LHC tunnel, is the TOTEM experiment, which studies particles that emerge at very small angles from collisions in the LHC.

Guided tour visit point (booking mandatory)

More information on http://visit.cern.

"Passport to the Big Bang" stages nearby (freely accessible)

CMS Stage: CMS: The heavyweight of physics
More information on http://cern.ch/passeport-big-bang


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