Ethnopoly Meyrin

Each year, CERN takes part in Ethnopoly, a life-size scavenger hunt that invites primary school pupils to discover Meyrin’s wealth of cultural diversity

Kids at the Ethnopoly

Inspired by an initiative launched in German-speaking Switzerland, Ethnopoly in Meyrin is a life-sized ‘board’ game in which primary school pupils are invited to meet local residents, associations, services and retailers.The aims? To soak up cultural wealth, promote diversity and bring people together, in a commune that is home to more than 130 nationalities.

Representatives of CERN head to the Forum Meyrin to take part in the game, where they explain to the participants that 10 000 scientists of more than 100 different nationalities work together at the Laboratory to advance human knowledge. These scientists all share one common language: science!

1 day
Âge minimum
Âge maximum
Time of the year
May / June
Next edition
24 May 2024

All around the City of Meyrin

Procédure d'inscription

Ethnopoly is organised once a year by the Association des Parents d'Élèves de Meyrin (APE Meyrin). For more information, please contact the organisers at

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