Universe of Particles exhibition

In the Universe of Particles exhibition, explore the questions CERN physicists are trying to answer: given that the entire universe is made of particles, where do they come from? Why do they behave in the way they do?

Researchers' Night 2018 at CERN
Inside the Universe of Particles exhibition (Image: CERN)

The purpose of the "Universe of particles" exhibition is for visitors to confront the great questions of contemporary physics, currently being explored by the CERN via the LHC and other accelerators. Dive into the fascinating world of particles.

Don't miss the 6 minutes movie about physics at CERN shown every 30 minutes:

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  • In French: 8.45, 9.45, 10.45, ..., 14.45, 15.45, 16.45
The permanent exhibition "Universe of Particles", installed on the ground floor of the Globe of Science and Innovation, invites you to discover CERN by taking you on a journey all the way back to the Big Bang. (Video: CERN)


Up to 1h, depending on your pace
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All year round

Globe of Science and Innovation - CERN, Meyrin
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Website: https://visits.web.cern.ch/exhibitions/universe-particles

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