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Learn physics in a fun way, with our interactive online science shows. Your students can participate both from the classroom and from home!

Just a phase science show

Two shows are currently available, It's Just a Phase! and Superconductors take off! :

It’s Just a Phase!

Have you ever dreamed of becoming a wizard or a witch, but your parents kept saying: “It’s just a phase”? What happens if we combine magic and the phases of matter? Pour in a lot of fun and some liquid nitrogen, mix it well and you get... science!
During this online and interactive science show, you will be guided by our CERN tutors through super-cool experiments, and might even learn how to build your own particle detector at home.

Recommended for ages 12+
Middle school classes (Cycle in Geneva, Collège in France)
Available in French, English and German

Superconductors take off!

During this online science show on superconductors, you will learn about the fantastic phenomenon of superconductivity, the Meissner effect, and zero resistance. But above all, we will do astonishing experiments and make unbelievable observations. Learn more about superconductors and why they are indispensable for operating the world’s largest particle accelerator, the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) at CERN.

Recommended for ages 14+: 
High school classes (Collège in Geneva, Lycée in France)
Available in English, French, and German

60 minutes
Âge minimum
Âge maximum
Time of the year
All year round

Zoom videoconferencing platform

To participate in this activity, classes must have the following equipment available: computer / tablet connected to the Internet, speakers for sound and microphone, web browser and projector. The same equipment is required for students participating from home, except the projector.

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