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Our classroom activities catalogue offer ideas on how to introduce particle physics in your classroom in a hands-on way

Cloud chamber kit

Have a look at the S’Cool LAB’s classroom activities catalog to find many ideas on how to introduce particle physics in your classroom in a hands-on way!
Our CERN tutors can offer virtual support for all classroom activities via videoconference, and we can lend material to teachers from Geneva, Ain and Haute-Savoie for performing the activities in their classrooms. 

More specifically, do not hesitate to contact us to set up our flagship workshop in your classroom: the DIY-Cloud Chamber. Allow your students to get practical experience, build a particle detector, observe particle tracks and learn about particle physics.

  • We can provide a science kit for the construction of 10 DIY-Cloud Chambers, however dry ice and isopropanol, which are needed for this activity, must be provided by the school. 
  • A CERN tutor will be connected to the classroom by videoconference during the entire workshop to introduce the workshop, provide assistance, and facilitate the discussion. 
Between 30 and 60 minutes
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Time of the year
All year round

Zoom videoconferencing platform

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Use our contact form to let us know your interest in participating in an online science show, and to agree on a date and time slot with our team.

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This offer is provided by the CERN S'Cool LAB