Sustainable Buildings and Transport

Every year, CERN takes part in Bike2Work campaign which aims to promote soft mobility between home and work.


With a growing number of users and various sites, relatively distant from each other, transport is a major concern at CERN. Several initiatives have been launched over the past years to facilitate mobility on site, to reduce CERN’s fleet of vehicles and to limit the impact from transport.

A car-sharing service, with 35 vehicles at 16 pick-up places, limits the size of CERN’s vehicle fleet. This service has recorded almost 16’000 bookings in 2014. With some 600 bikes freely available for its users, CERN has one of the largest bike fleets among Swiss companies and organisations. The shuttle service transported 107’000 passengers in 2014. CERN also promotes “Bike2Work”.

CERN has also launched a refurbishment programme for its buildings, most of which were built between the 50s and 70s. Civil engineering teams ensure that this refurbishment takes environmental constraints into account. All new buildings are conceived to minimise their energy consumption, by systematically including solar panels, high-performance insulation materials, and more.

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