Is there any pupil who never dreamt of unveiling the mysteries of Hubble or the International Space Station?

Cinema Pathé Balexert introduces a new scientific educative activity for local Swiss and French schools, in collaboration with Scienscope of the University of Geneva and CERN: ProjecScience!

In a frame specifically thought for pupils, a documentary (approx. 40 minutes) in 3D IMAX on a scientific topic is played, followed by an animation, presentation or workshop to go deeper and answer the kids' and teachers' questions.

Next sessions

Tuesday 29 November 9:30-11:00, in French
Tuesday 13 December 9:30-11:00, in English

The film

Hubble, Tony Myers (Canada), 44 minutes
Through the power of IMAX® 3D, Hubble 3D will enable movie-goers to journey through distant galaxies to explore the grandeur and mysteries of our celestial surroundings, and accompany space-walking astronauts as they attempt the most difficult and important tasks in NASA’s history. The film will offer an inspiring and unique look into the Hubble Space Telescope’s legacy and highlight its profound impact on the way we view the Universe and ourselves.

The activity

After the film (44 minutes), the present scientists will briefly explain how the University of Geneva and CERN are linked to research in astronomy. The pupils will then be able to ask their questions during about 30 minutes. The activity will end at 11:00.

The scientists

Daniel Schaerer
Doctor in astrophysics, Daniel Schaerer has worked at the Space Telescope Science Institute in Baltimore and at the Observatoire Midi-Pyrénées in Toulouse. He is currently associate professor at the Astronomy Department (Geneva Observatory) of the University of Geneva and an active member the Astroscope.

Bernard Pellequer
Doctor in astrophysics, Bernard Pellequer has led the Géospace Observatoire d’Aniane and has taken part in the MuseUM project in Montpellier. He is currently Head of Visitors and Local Engagement at CERN (European Organization for Nuclear Research).


You may want to prepare this activity upfront. Below are a few links, avenues of research and questions to initiate the debate and trigger curiosity of your pupils in class.

  • Educator guides available upon request.
  • Do ground-based telescopes still have a future, faced up to Hubble?
  • What are the researches in astronomy conducted by the University of Geneva?
  • What is the relationship between telescopes and particles accelerators?
  • Does CERN conduct researches in astrophysics?

Practical information

The cost of screening is 11 CHF per pupil to cover distribution rights.
The 3D glasses lent must be given back at the end.
Transport to the cinema is at the school’s expense.
Practical information and registration by email directly to Pathé Balexert:


Tuesday 29 November (French), Tuesday 13 December (English)


1 hour 30 minutes

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English, French


Cinéma Pathé Balexert, Geneva

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