High School Teachers Programme

The objectives of this programme are:

- to promote the teaching of modern physics, and specifically particle physics, in secondary education;
- to promote the exchange of knowledge and experiences between teachers of different nationalities;
- to introduce teachers to the world of research;
- to encourage activities relating to the popularisation of physics both in and outside the classroom;
- to help CERN forge closer links with schools around the world.

As the course is delivered entirely in English, is it is important that participants have a good knowledge of the language. In addition, candidates must be available to attend the whole programme. Late arrivals and early departures will not be permitted.

No previous knowledge or experience of high-energy physics is required.

This programme is open to all secondary-school science teachers.


To be defined


3 weeks

Minimum age



English only



How to sign up

Application period will start on 1 November 2016 and end on 31 December 2016. See official website.


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