When maths become superstars at the Globe

On Thursday 24 January, 350 delighted spectators had the opportunity to find out that mathematics can be both funny and poetic thanks to the show “Mad Maths”, written by Olivier Faliez and Kevin Lapin.

The ambition of the play, that had already been performed at the Globe ten years ago, is to bring together novices and math fans, adults or teenagers, around a science often considered as fascinating as painful.

With their scatty performance, the two lead actresses Sophie Leclercq and Garance Legrou from French Theatre Company Sous un autre angle managed to captivate their audience. In the afternoon, 180 students from local Secondary Schools enjoyed the first show while the evening representation was targeted to the general public, from families to CERN scientists.

The crazy challenge of bringing together mathematics, humour and poetry creates a unique and tasty recipe. Mad Maths is being performed successfully for over 15 years!

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