"Une fusée pour pépé" appeals young kids to the Globe

On Wednesday 10 April 2019, nearly 250 children and parents attended the two representations of “Une fusée pour pépé” by Aude Bourrier, at CERN Globe of Science and Innovation. Aimed at kids aged 4 and over, the play seduced both children and adults, with its humor and poetry!

In this amazing space epopee, two famous astronomers interpreted by Carole Schafroth and Christina Antonarakis, help a little boy to look for his grandfather, who has gone to heaven. Through this narrative, the Compagnie Pierre Caillou explains with simple words some laws of the Universe, and addresses some of the children concerns with poetic answers.

“And the rockets, where can we find them?

Rockets, little boy, we build them with our hearts”

Find out more about Cie Pierre Caillou’s upcoming shows on their website.


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