Pupils in the Pays de Gex and Geneva share their science

As part of a collaboration with Swiss and French schools, CERN invited pupils from both sides of the border to the sixth edition of the cross-border symposium “Mon TPE/TM en 15 minutes” (“My project in 15 minutes”), held on Friday, 13 October at the Globe of Science and Innovation.

The event was modelled on the format of a real scientific symposium, with 12 pupils presenting their travaux pratiques encadrés (the final baccalaureate research project undertaken in the Pays de Gex, France) or travaux de maturité (a similar project done by pupils in the Canton of Geneva, Switzerland). The range of subjects studied included chemistry, astronomy, engineering, physics and computer programming.

The high-quality presentations were helpful for younger pupils in the audience who are preparing to undertake their own projects next year. Key pieces of advice that came out of the evening were the need to think carefully about project management, subject choice and the choice of medium for the presentation. The event offered a real opportunity for the kind of exchanges and sharing of knowledge that are commonplace in the scientific community.

Cartoonist Caro takes a unique look at the presentations in her drawings, which can be found on the event’s website along with videos of the presentations: https://indico.cern.ch/e/tpe-tm.

The 12 pupils who received awards for their travaux de maturité (Switzerland) or travaux pratiques encadrés (France).
Credit: Christian Colongo

150 participants enjoyed the high-quality presentations.
Credit: Christian Colongo

Cartoonist Caro didn’t miss a thing...
Credit: Christian Colongo

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