The Poles, witnesses and actors of the climate

Despite the heavy snowfall, a room-full of passionate guests attended the conference by Jean-Louis Etienne on 1st March 2018 during which he presented his next expedition: Polar Pod.

As a doctor specialising in sports biology and nutrition, Jean-Louis Etienne has taken part in numerous expeditions to the Himalayas, Greenland and Patagonia as well as crewing with Eric Tabarly for a round-the-world race aboard Pen Duick VI. He is also a totally committed environmentalist; he led a number of education-oriented scientific expeditions to raise public awareness of the Polar regions and to learn more about their impact on the Earth’s climate and life forms.

"Governing adults - being in the industrial, politics or even family settings - realised the importance of environmental issues quite late and haven’t been educated to do so. But the next generations should realise that every decision they’ll make will have an impact that should be taken into account.”

The recording of the conference is now available. This event was initiated by the French Group at CERN (GFC).

Jean-Louis Etienne presenting at the Globe of Science and Innovation. (Credit: Michael Struik)

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