My project in 15 minutes: A successful cross-border colloquium

As part of a collaboration with Swiss and French schools, CERN invited pupils from both sides of the border to the seventh edition of the cross-border symposium “Mon TPE/TM en 15 minutes” (“My project in 15 minutes”), on Friday 12 October at the Globe of Science and Innovation.

Based on the format of a real scientific symposium, 13 students presented their Travaux Pratiques Encadrés (the final baccalaureate research project undertaken in the Pays de Gex, France) or Travaux de Maturité (a similar project done by students in the Canton of Geneva, Switzerland) on a variety of scientific subjects.

The high-quality presentations and rich discussions will surely prove to be helpful to younger students in the audience, who will be preparing their own projects later this year. The importance of good project management, the careful choice of the subject and the format of the final presentations were some advices shared among students. 
Just like in the scientific community, the event offered a real opportunity for exchange and knowledge sharing.

Cartoonist Barrigue, founder of magazine Vigousse and of the association CraysonSolidaires, dessiner pour tous, reacted live to the presentations.

Watch the presentations on the event’s webpage.

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