Female scientists and engineers raise awareness about their jobs amongst over 3000 pupils!

Barbora Bruant presents CERN at École des Boudines in Meyrin


For three years now, CERN has been organizing visits of women scientists and engineers to local schools on the occasion of the International Day of Women and Girls in Science celebrated annually on 11th February. This year, new partnerships with the Science Outreach Department of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne (EPFL) and University of Geneva (UNIGE) Scienscope, gave a new scope to the project!


During the week of 11 – 15 February, 57 very enthusiastic volunteers from CERN, UNIGE and EPFL gave 150 talks, reaching over 3100 pupils!


They spoke about their background, revealed some mysteries of science and conducted small demonstrations in front of very curious school pupils. The idea behind the project is to have them act as female role models to change the perception towards scientific and engineering professions. They contributed in changing sexist stereotypes, enabling young girls to imagine themselves as researchers, explorers, innovators, engineers or inventors.


Marta Felcini describes a particles detector in École Bellavista 


“How does one become a researcher? What is the utility of CERN? If antimatter is expensive, and bananas emit antimatter, why are bananas cheap?” The volunteers worked hard to make their daily researches understandable for the youngest which resulted in some very relevant, sometimes cranky, questions asked from their audience!


Last year, 47 volunteers visited 108 local classes. If you are interested in participating in a future edition, get in contact with Local engagement.

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