CERN, guest of honour at Ferney-Voltaire Fête de la Science

On Saturday, October 13th 2018, CERN was guest of honor of the City of Ferney-Voltaire for the Fête de la Science, organized by the association Pangloss in the gardens of the Château de Voltaire.

The historic Orangery and Garden have turned into a science village, housing the stands of nearly thirty associations and scientific institutions. 2,000 visitors of all ages came to enjoy the wide range of activities.

As a privileged guest, CERN offered a great number of animations. Visitors were able to visit the LHC and the Computing Center with virtual reality headsets. They analyzed particle collisions in search of the Higgs Boson with the "Connect the dots" activity. The little ones revisited the aesthetics of the ATLAS experiment with a coloring book. The majority of visitors left with a badge showing the elementary particle best reflecting their personality, after responding to quiz “Particle Identities”. And physics demonstrations with everyday objects impressed both young and old.

A must-attend CERN activity, the three "Fun with Physics" shows have sold out! The impressive explorations of the states of matter and the effects of liquid nitrogen have, once is not custom, met a great success.

Nearly 20 CERN volunteers brilliantly represented their laboratory, adapting perfectly to the expectations of the general public to explain their daily activities. Thank you to them !


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