CERN guest of honor of Swiss National Day in the City of Geneva

On 1st of August 2018, CERN was guest of honor of Geneva City for Swiss National Day celebrations at Parc La Grange.

From the youngest to the oldest, connoisseurs to neophytes, it is a public characterized by its great diversity that has benefited from these activities. The CERN tent offering workshops, virtual reality tours, physics demonstration, educational games and the new “Particle Identities” quiz has not emptied from 1pm to 8.30pm. It familiarized thus several thousands of visitors with CERn activities. Youngest and oldest, connoisseurs and neophytes, in short, a public characterized by its great diversity has benefited from these activities.

The theme of Maire Samy Kanaan’s annual mandate, "Challenges in digitalization" has inspired much of the animations proposed by CERN, key spokesperson on that theme since it invented the World Wide Web. Genevans familiarized themselves with computers and robots programming thanks to two continuous workshops. They also visited CERN Data Centre, a living monument of the digital age, thanks to virtual reality headsets.

Nearly forty CERN volunteers brilliantly represented their laboratory, adapting perfectly their explanations of their daily activities to the general public. From the analysis of particle collisions with the activity "Connect the dots", to the demonstrations of "fun with physics" featuring the properties of magnets or vacuum bells, through the colouring of the ATLAS experience for the small ones, animations have dazzlingly blended entertainment with science awareness!

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[Photo: Caraban Gonzalez Noemi]

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