Be a Physicist project

This year again, around 900 local school pupils participated in the project Be a Physicist.

The children and their teachers led investigations on mysterious boxes that they couldn't open. What are hypotheses, data and proof? How do you conduct an experiment? Or disseminate its results? These are the types of question that the children and their teachers tried to answer.

Initiated in 2011, the project Be a Physicist is the fruit of a collaboration between educational institutions from both sides of French-Swiss border: University of Geneva, Département de l'Instruction Publique (Geneva) and Education nationale (France). It introduces children aged from 9 to 12 years to the scientific research process and includes a guided tour of CERN or the PhysiScope in Geneva.

The project ends with a final conference which took place on 26 March this year. 350 pupils gathered at CERN to share their results and their experience, just like real scientists!

Teachers interested in taking part in this activity can find all the details on​

The budding scientists are impatient to open the box! (Credit : Julien Ordan)

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