Who owns the CERN sites?

CERN’s fenced sites (those that are in use) have a total surface area of 200 hectares – 80 in Switzerland and 120 in France – and a further 400 hectares have been made available by the Organization's two Host States. CERN plans to use this land for future projects; in the meantime, they remain either farmland or woodland. The money earned from renting this land to farmers is used to finance projects benefiting the public, such as cycle paths and fitness trails. These funds are managed by a CERN-Pays de Gex Consultation Committee, chaired by the sous-préfet of the Ain and also comprising a CERN representative, a farmers’ representative and the mayors of the communes concerned (Prévessin-Moëns, Saint-Genis-Pouilly and Cessy).

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